The immersion is a safe-space for everyone who wants to dive deeper into the experiment of what it is to be yourself. Given that Human Design is the science of differentiation, imposing any requirements like testing, wearing a mask or being vaccinated would go against what we intend to provide with this immersion: the freedom to radically surrender to our only correct authorities; our inner authority. We trust that you will follow yours. 

Contact and route description 

De Uelenspieghel – group accommodation, nature campsite and activity center 
Address: Winkelsteeg 5 – 7975 PV – Uffelte  
Phone: 0521-351331 
Public Transport 
* train to Meppel and from the station bus 28 Qbuzz (direction Smilde/Assen) to Uffelte
* get off 1 stop after Frederikshaven road restaurant, the stop “Weg Achter de Es”
* walk from the canal into the "Weg Achter de Es"
* after about 500 meters you take a wide dirt road to the right, this is the "Winkelsteeg"
* after 200 meters on the sandy road you will find "De Uelenspieghel" on the right

Your guide/mentor

Your facilitator/space-holder

Laura, 5/1 emo Manifesting Generator

Laura, is... 

Koen, 5/1 emo Projector

Koen, is a living your design guide, has been living his experiment for 10 years and was invited by Mary Ann Winiger to become an immersion mentor in 2019

A story (by Koen)

Back in 2014 I joined my first immersion. Do you feel like reading about it?